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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003 || cell shaded triumph
« Video Games

the legend of zelda is like a sweaty madness that threatens to consume your life and make you dress up like a elfy midget and attack big ugly people on the street!

that being said, Jamie recently bought a gamecube (used: with a game and memory card) for a fair price, i dont mind telling you, and now we're addicted. it threatens to ruin her scholastic career. luckily for her, she is sick today... but rest assured... her scholastic career = threatened.

id like to also add that i am a pimp at navigating on the high seas. you hear that Nicholas? a couple more weeks of playing this game and i will be all trained up for a career in piracy. i just need some rocket launchers and sh!te... and a boat... and some other stuff that i havent thought of.

Jen || October.30.03

Tell Jamie I hope she feels better!! Are you guys together yet?!


Timm || October.30.03

NO! i will not be suckered into some sort of bed-trap or love-snare! you women think youre so clever with your gamecubes and vaginas!


ash || October.30.03

timm i kick ass at some gamecube... wait til you see how good i am at tricky now hehehe...


Timm || October.30.03

i'm still a tricky pimp!
you dont really want it Ashley!!


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